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Core Strength Workout Exercises for Beginners

Core Strength: What Is It?

Insufficient deep belly breaths with an emphasis on filling the base/full 360-degree core are a common problem in our society.

Prior to air entering the upper chest and lungs, the lower rib cage should be expanding.

Many people only sometimes breathe deeply, relying solely on upper chest breathing to get them through the most of their waking hours.

Taking a Breath

Work with your breath first before doing any of the exercises below.

Take a fairly thick string (like a shoestring) and cross it over your navel as you wrap it around your waist (much like a belt worn high).

Make sure the string is not too tightly tied and that two fingers can fit between it and your navel. This will allow you to breathe freely into your belly without being constrained.

Wearing the string all day long will allow you to use it as a physical cue to concentrate on deep belly breathing.

The thread around your entire core will feel tighter when you appropriately breathe deeply into your abdomen.

Try this method for a few days, then move on to the exercises below without the string, keeping your breathing in mind.

Essential Core Strength Exercises

1. Farmers Walks

You’ll note that a lot of these exercises have practical titles, and this one is no different. It works pretty much how it sounds.

You shouldn’t be walking unevenly; instead, you should keep your spine neutral and let your core provide that stability.

2. Barbell Overhead Press

It may surprise you to learn that overhead pressing and core strength are related, but they are! Straight line overhead presses must be started by bracing and stabilizing your entire core.

When doing the movement, I advise you to record yourself from the side and observe to make sure your bar-path stays in a straight line over your head.

3. Hanging Leg Raises

This exercise is great for overall shoulder health in addition to strengthening and stabilizing the core.

Keep your back and shoulders straight while hanging; remain steady and in control during the entire exercise.

4. Glute

Laying on the ground with your legs shoulder-width apart and rising your butt off the surface to form an arch or “bridge” is a relatively easy technique.

You can either hold the top position for three seconds before lowering yourself again, or you can perform this exercise repeatedly, which are known as “Hip Thrusts.”

5. Dragonfly or Dragon Flag (by Bruce Lee)

This action, made popular by the legendary martial artist Bruce Lee, necessitates the use of a decline bench or something comparable that will hold your complete weight.

Your feet should be closer to the ground when you lie flat on your back on the bench (on the decline).

As you raise your legs from the lower position, keep your upper body steady with your arms and core by grabbing the bench behind your neck.

6. Goblet Squat

This one is enjoyable! This exercise can be carried out using a heavy book, dumbbell, or even a kettlebell (which is excellent).

Prior to rising, stay in the bottom posture for seven or more full breaths.


By no means should core strength be considered isolated; rather, it should be viewed as a crucial component of the complex ecosystem that is human physiology.

The relationship between core strength and digestion and eviction is so strong that it can even be used to explain psychological wellness. Many people, like myself, believe that our gut acts as a second brain, therefore if our digestion is under control, so will be our thinking.

To assist your body reach its greatest potential and to maintain good physical and mental health, try these core strength exercises.

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